It feels like forever since the hellstorm of last spring and summer (well, also the fall.  and the winter).

We have come a long, LONG way.

Elsa is doing astoundingly, amazingly, wonderfully well.  Her teachers (same as last year, thank goodness) say she is a new child.  I have to agree.

We have none – NONE of the explosive traumatic meltdowns anymore. This drama and crisis is gone.  The heartache and fear is gone.   She is not on any meds.  She goes to OT twice a week, and takes fish oil.  And she has an environment at home now in which she is cherished, given room to be herself, accommodated for her differences and sensitivities.

She gets lots of second chances.  Because she needs them.

And guess what?  She TAKES them – and is so happy to be able to be GOOD, and to comply with expectations.  She’s longer living in a hyper-controlled environment where her presence was perceived as a threat, and where she was consistently treated as The Problem.

Sure, we have the occasional crying fit and the defiant moment. She still has ADHD and she still has SPD.  But I’m telling you, there have been maybe two times since we moved back home (in May) when I’ve seen her really lose it.

And those times were predictable (she was either sick or ridiculously tired – in both cases, I saw it coming, but either didn’t have the energy or ability to prevent it).  She’s much MUCH more in control of her impulses, she’s more able to communicate her frustrations, and she’s learned how to control herself to a huge degree.

She back to her sunny, energetic, strong-willed, hilarious, sensitive, loving self.

Thank you God.


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