Elsa and I made our bi-annual visit to the Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician last week.

The doc was floored by Elsa’s progress.  And she says it’s clear I have a somewhat different set of challenges on my hands now.

Last year, I had a kid with ADHD (severe) and sensory issues who was probably going to need special ed services and who was going to struggle in a “regular” school environment because should could not self-regulate and had no impulse control.   Public school was probably the way to go, because the services were funded by the state and we were really gonna need those.

NOW, I have a kid with ADHD (moderate?) and sensory issues who is pretty good at self-regulation, and who can now be identified as gifted.  As a result, she may struggle in a “regular” school environment because she is going to be bored stiff.  Public school is probably NOT a good way to go, because she needs some accommodations but won’t qualify for services, and (per the pediatrician) she really needs to be surrounded by smart kids and in an academically rigorous program.

Holy cow.  That is a much more fun challenge to address.  And I’ve been doing a bunch of reading to see what I can learn.  Here’s the most striking thing so far, from a paper about giftedness in the adopted population:

Gifted children have emotional as well as cognitive needs that vary from the norm. They are more intense, sensitive, perfectionistic, easily frustrated, questioning of authority, and reactive to criticism than their average peers.”

Oh my – that’s Elsa to a T!  She is Every Single Thing in that description.

So now, I gotta find the right school.

And also figure out how to pay for it.

Elsa LURVES her teacher Dana.

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